August 14th
Sky ♀ Pansexual Taken ♥
Welcome to my blog all of you lovelies! It's filled with a ton of posts about Kagerou Project, Pokemon, Snk, Free, Dangan Ronpa, Dmmd and a ton of other anime's and things that I enjoy. Feel free to add me on Skype, my username is skythecosplayer uvu I love to draw, cosplay, play flute, and adventure! Thank you cuties!



The queen & joker

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kuroperowna inquired:
once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly and then send it to your ten favourite accounts! owo

ahhh thank you sweetie uvu 

okay, here we go I guess heh

1. My hair uvu

2. My outfits

3. My new ear piercing >w<

4. (Sometimes) My art

5. (sometimes) My sense of humor ovo


so yeah i should probably get started on my summer work now„, ,

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World record for Fastest “Make Riy Hate You”: 5 minutes


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や ら か し た 



Marry  Kozakura in winter Clothes for one of the anons who answered in character wardrobe meme I reblogged ! more coming up soon !!


middle school au in which connie and sasha are the worst students


Look around you Eren

Look at all these twinkley-ass stars

Everything that you see belongs to you, so you better not fuck shit up.

space planet kingdom au where levi is the king and eren is the prince because i watched cosmos on nat geo with this person and i fell in love with the stars